Cultural Emergence.

‘A framework to create positive social and environmental change.’

Upcoming Courses:


  Cultural Emergence 2-Day Foundation Courses

-Sept 30th – Oct 1st. 2017

-May 5-6th. 2018

  On these courses you will learn a set of tools for social and environmental change. You will gain leadership skills in creating positive change while remaining  energised and effective in what we do.  
 Based on social permaculture and the study of indigenous cultures from around the world, the courses are experiential, creative journeys into the natural landscape involving deep reflection, collaboration and visioning. More details below.


    Cultural Emergence 5-day Design Course

-March 17 – 20th. 2018. Click here for info. 

This training will give you the confidence and skills to design any aspect of your life. We will be using the Design Web to create a design for ourselves as well as exploring how it can best be used in different scenarios. You will leave with a design for integrating Cultural Emergence into their lives at many levels. We will also be exploring how to bring Cultural Emergence to a wider audience to bring more breakthroughs in creating a life enhancing culture for all beings.

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“The Teaching and group were amazing”

“I feel excited and nourished by what I have learnt and can’t wait to integrate it.”

“the way the practices were fed to us through wonderful adventures in beautiful nature is a sublime thing!”


Cultural Emergence Foundation Courses.

Sept 30th – Oct 1st. 2017.

May 5-6th 2018.


Sat: 10-5pm

+ evening of music, story and poetry evening around the fire – 10pm (optional).

Sun: 10am-5.30pm

Venue:  We are very happy to be returning this autumn equinox to the Earthship Brighton. Stanmer Park. BN1 9PZ

Cost: £150 / £100 (sliding scale).

For bookings on Sept course and more info click here.

For booking questions only please call Keith on 07813027345
For any other questions please call please call Lex on: 07588 532227



 Some more words about the Cultural Emergence:

Humanity is presently in a crisis of disconnection and a time of mass cultural emergency; we see the personal, social, political and environmental problems as stemming from a lack of cultural understanding and cohesion. We believe there are tools that can help turn this around into mass cultural emergence; where abundance, gratitude, care and connection are part of our everyday culture. Emergence is a term used in systems thinking where 2 or more things come together with unexpected results. By bringing people together with these tools and methods we have the opportunity to ask good questions and to co-create answers and solutions and emerge the culture we want.



We will look at the many levels of culture, right through from our own personal culture and patterns of being, to the global context. We will share tools and processes for ways of being, thinking and seeing differently that enable breakthroughs to occur. Inviting what may previously seem impossible to become possible through collaboration, co-creating and emergence. People will be invited to nurture the visions they hold for themselves, their communities and the world. You will have the opportunity to consider and clarify your contribution to the world and empower yourself to keep to your true path in life.





Keith Ellis. Facilitator.

Keith Ellis. Facilitator.