Music for Dementia

Movingsounds runs music sessions in day centres, care homes and memory cafes to reduce isolation and depression and improve the mental and physical health of those living with dementia and to support care staff and family.

if you would like to support our music for dementia work in any way or would like us to come to your centre please contact us here.


Our learning resource poster about how to use music to benefit people living with dementia is now published and available for day centres, care homes, families and carers!


Here are some testimonials from the activities co-ordinators at Claydon House, Lewes, East Sussex:

“Moving sounds have made so many differences to the lives of our residents many of whom are living with advanced dementia or are at the end of life. The care and compassion they showed when they played individually to one such resident in her room brought tears to the eyes and real joy to a lady who passed away a couple of days later.”





“The workshops are varied and fully inclusive. Great care is taken to tailor them to the needs of the audience for example  on finding that one of our residents used to sing in a folk club Keith learnt some of his favourite folk songs so that he could accompany his singing on the next visit. The resident loved performing and the others saw him in a new and different light. For just those few minutes he was back in time and feeling glorious”.




“A number of residents have a favourite poem about the beautiful tulip tree in our garden  “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer .  Moving Sounds found the time to research this poem which is also a song, learn the music play it for the residents and then teach them how to sing it. Several residents can still be heard singing this song  when looking at the tree from the conservatory or from their bedroom windows. These might seem like small changes but they have made serious differences to the quality of life of the people I work with every day.”

“It brings a happiness to my soul”.

Patricia, participant at Claydon  House.


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