Open Earth Design

‘Actions that serve the whole earth community’

OED CROPPED LOGOWe are a network of designers and educators creating and disseminating open earth technologies and deep ecological awareness amongst a wider community. Our objective is to support people and communities in their transition toward an ecologically embedded existence whilst providing earth-based ethical livelihoods for all involved. Open Earth Design projects are defined by their observance of the following basic principles :-

People Care

They serve both the physical and psychological well-being of people

Earth Care

They serve the well-being of our wider planetary community

Fair Share

They limit growth. Plus any surplus yield generated (or profit) is re-invested back into the system or given away.

We work with people and communities wishing to adopt and incorporate the use of open earth technologies and deep ecological awareness into their lives. Our partners may include; schools, off-grid communities, ethical festival sites, temporary and nomadic communities, individual family units and any one else wishing to explore the possibility of living a truly sustainable existence.

As members of and contributors to Open Earth Ecology our designs and ideas are also disseminated and designed collaboratively amongst a broader community via the open source web These designs are made freely available for widespread experimentation and mainstream (non-commercialised) uptake.

Ideas are the creation of a collective mind, they can never be owned.

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