Workshops & Training

Movingsounds has built a fantastic team of experienced workshops facilitators and now offers a wide variety of programs. We are always dreaming up new ideas and happy to develop a creative project around just about anything. Workshops can be suitable for any ages from schools or youth groups to companies and organizations.

Creativity5. Creativity

Creativity is what its all about! We run workshops that explore our relationship with our own creativity suitable for youth groups, adults and professional organisations. Combining different disciplines of writing, theatre, music, visualisation, song and performance this experience can radically shift participants into spontaneous moments of creative genius.

We run Creative facilitation training weekends suitable for adults already working with young people and groups, or indeed anyone simply wanting to explore their own creativity further.



Environmental education8. Env. Education

This was the original inspiration for the creation of Movingsounds. We offer bespoke environmental education workshops through the process of creativity to learn about what is really going on planet earth and what we can do to bring about the creation of a sustainable future together. These projects are suitable for different ages and empower individuals and groups to find their own unique responses to today’s issues.


1. DrummingDrumming workshops

We offer fun drumming and percussion workshops incorporating instruments and rhythms from around the world. From West African Djembes, to Brazilian Samba these workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities and are great for … well just about everything! They can be one off sessions or projects leading to fantastic performances.




2. EmbaireThe Great Embaire

The Ugandan Embaire is the largest xylophone in the world and we at Movingsounds have the only one in England! Up to 10 people can play it together and accompanied by drums and songs this creates a very special sound. We work with Ugandan Master-musician Pedson Kasume who has grown up immersed in the traditional music of his country to deliver an unforgettable cultural experience.





3. Junk PercussionJunk Percussion

With our own home made kit of junk percussion we create incredible eco music on xylophones, barrels, bins, shakers, tuned tubes, bottles, tea chest bass and biscuit tin banjo. These sessions can combine with games and discussions around recycling or other themes of sustainability. Think Stomp with fun games and an environmental message.


6. South and beyondSouth and Beyond

Following Ed’s epic cycle adventure peddling 10,000km alone across mountains and deserts to reach West Africa he now offers the chance to share the experience and learning with groups of any age. Incorporating short films, entertaining stories and profound learning these workshops have been inspiring for everyone lucky enough to take this moment to travel the open road together.




7. live the dreamLive the Dream

Developed from Ed’s experience of realising a great dream of adventure that so many people told him would not be possible, Movingsounds now offers workshops that explore how to realise our own wildest dreams and ambitions. What would stand in you way or, on the other hand, support you in taking the same steps. This workshop is about inspiration, empowerment and action and is suitable for youth and adults.




Nature Connection

Connection with nature really comes from the experience of actually being out on the land. In collaboration with various organisations we offer the chance for groups of young people to get out there and learn from touching the earth. From a walk in the woods to lighting fires with friction, Vision Quests to wilderness camps, or playing hide and seek out in the wilds. On these projects we work alongside some incredible organisation including:



Film Making12. Film making

Working with professional film makers we offer projects where participants can experience the whole process of film making. Whether music videos, documentaries or dramas we will take you through the whole process from story boarding, filming and editing to create a finished piece ready to upload onto youtube and show to the world.


Professional Training13. Training

We offer trainings for teachers or youth workers already working within education or for people simply wanting to bring more creativity into their lives. We can also develop bespoke workshops for organisations that wish to explore creativity, communication and leadership within the work place.

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Games for Adults

Playing games means feeling alive and whole. We access more of our happy intelligence and connect to the enjoyment of others. Movingsounds runs Games for Adults workshops that awaken our true selves with so many positive benefits. The workshop can be for the pure enjoyment of the group or to explore many subjects such as communication and confidence in a safe and playful space.



“Your approach was brilliant and so much fun, I was so surprised you could give the kids so much confidence in so little time.”
Noah Nicholson Blatchington Mill School, Brighton.

“They were entertained, motivated, educated and excited.”
Melanie Skinner Priory School, Lewes.


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